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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have a wide variety of needs. Most of which can be solved by having these questions answered. 

Is your question not answered here? 

I'm looking for something I can't find on your site. Do you special order anything?

Of Course! We can source anthing from our existing vendors as well as source products from vendors outside of our network. Just let us know what you need!

How much does delivery cost for my order?

If you’re delivery is within 40 miles of our office, there’s no charge! If you find that your business is outside of that radius, then delivery is calculated by distance and speed. 

Can I customize products I order?

On some products you absolutely can! Please contact us for which items qualify and for how to order custom products!

Do I have to order a certain amount of products to have my order filled?

Unlike most packaging material companies, we DO NOT have a minimum on order value or volume!

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